Why ride a scooter in Bangok?

Riding a scooter in Bangkok to us means freedom. Not only freedom from Taxi's, traffic jams, and congested buses, but freedom to explore and experience this amazing city as it really is. On the small scale, creating ease to venture out farther in your neighborhood than you typically would by walking. Finding new places to eat, shop, parks to visit etc all within minutes of your home you may not otherwise venture to by foot. On a large scale it's the ability to see new sights, places, visit friends, etc all without having to worry about transport cost or congestion.

Saving money with a scooter?

If your currently using Motorcycle Taxi's, MRT/BTS or Taxi's to get around Scooters are a great way to save money over the more expensive mass transit. Most scooters average about 100BHT to fill the tank full and that will last the average person about one week. (about 15BHT per day) With scooter rental cost starting at 80BHT per day most people will save money every month as a rental and fuel is less expensive than even a single taxi ride to work and back. 

Is riding in Bangkok dangerous?

Should you decide to leave your more quiet neighborhood everybody knows there is risk driving a motorcycle in any city and Bangkok is no exception. But that being said, riding safely in Bangkok comes down to one thing. Go with the flow. Most accidents happen with people doing something they shouldn't do, driving like they have something to prove. Thankfully Bangkok is a motorcycle friendly city. Cars and pedestrians alike know there are always millions of motorcycles on the road and generally act appropriately. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings and go with the flow Bangkok is no more dangerous than any other city in the world.