Scooter Conditions

Requirements - Must have a valid passport or driving license of which we will keep a copy

Insurance - Standard medical coverage insurance is included with all bikes to help with medical expense for all those involved in the event of an accident  Damage and theft is not common, however we do offer additional coverage to protect the bike if you'd like for piece of mind.  

                       Daily          Weekly          Monthly          Deductible

under   150cc    50             100              200                 2,000

150cc and up    100            200              500                 5,000

Cash Deposit - Deposit of 2000BHT for all scooters is to be paid before receiving the bike and will be returned accordingly after inspection of the bikes returned condition. Note: Failure to return the bike to the shop at the end of your rental or failure to properly schedule a pickup with us will result in a loss of deposit.

Payments - Payments can be made on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Simply deposit the money into our account at any SCB (Siam Commerical Bank) bank of cash deposit machine within seven days of the end of your rental and send us a notification/pic of the receipt.

Helmets - All rentals include two standard half-style uni-size helmets free of charge. (Rental helmets are used for a maximum of six months before being replaced)

Reservations - All customers are allowed to extend their rentals as long as they would like, or return as needed. (Within working hours) For that reason availability is not known in advance so we currently do not offer reservations or bookings early.  We recommend contacting us upon arrival or a day before so we can plan a bike for you.

Delivery - Delivery is available pending location and our schedule at that time for rentals of one week or longer.  Although we do not schedule or guarantee deliveries in advance, we do provide it when possible to accommodate customers needs.


Touring Bike Conditions

Requirements - Must have a valid passport and riding experience for all touring bike rentals.

Insurance - All bikes include standard medical coverage insurance to help with medical expense in the unlikely event of an accident.  Damage/theft coverage of the bikes is available as an option.  In the event of an accident the renter would be responsible for just the deductible.  

                        Daily          Weekly          Monthly          Deductible

under   150cc    100            200              500                5,000

150cc - 300cc    200            1,000           3,000             20,000

above   300cc    300            1,500           4,500             30,000

Cash Deposit - Upon rental we will require a cash and ID deposit.  The cash deposit can be left in Thai Baht or equal amount of another major currency.

Passport Deposit - We understand some people are not comfortable leaving  a passport as a security deposit.  With purchase of Damage/Theft coverage we DO NOT require a passport or ID deposit.  Without Damage/theft coverage we do require a passport deposit.  The passport will be kept in a fireproof safe and we will provide you with copies of your passport and visa pages protected in a plastic slip for your convenience. 

Reservations - Reservations can be made in advance to guarantee your rental period.  We just require a 5,000 booking deposit which can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.  Please contact us to check availability and schedule your days with the bike.

Helmets - All rentals include a full faced helmet free of charge. (Rental helmets are used for a maximum of one year before being replaced)